Just when you think there are no new stories to be told, documentary filmmakers are here to show us otherwise! The range of stories and the variety of techniques used to tell them continue to reinvigorate the documentary form, as filmmakers explore new methods of combining creativity and reality to illuminate and reveal the world in deeper, richer ways.

Hot Docs has been celebrating documentary filmmaking for 23 years. From a small industry-led showcase to now North America’s largest documentary festival, we’ve always been driven by the belief that documentary lm has the remarkable power to transform perspectives. Bringing audiences together with filmmakers and their incredible stories is at the core of what we do in Toronto, across Canada and now, in partnership with Palace Cinemas, Australia.

We’re thrilled to be able to share these films with you. We truly are in a new golden age of documentary and we invite you to join us on the adventure- you’ll meet people, see places and bear witness to stories you never knew existed, from perspectives that invite new ways of understanding. The journey promises to be inspiring.

Brett Hendrie
Executive Director

Shane Smith
Programming Director