Diving Into The Unknown

Director: Juan Reina
Producer: Juho Harjula

When a group of five Finnish cave divers set off on a mission to dive through a 5 kilometre long and 130 metre deep cave in Pluaden, Norway their worst nightmares becomes real.

Half way through the dive things go horribly wrong – two of the divers drown and three miraculously survived. The production uses multiple cameras, both on the surface and under water, to take viewers deep below the ice where the surviving divers try to retrieve the bodies of their friends, after an official international operation has been called off and the cave entrance sealed. The physical burden is nothing compared the psychological one in this pulsing insight into group psychology and male friendship. Conducted under a veil of secrecy the operation to recover their friends is the ultimate underwater thriller.

15+ (exemption)
2016 | 85 minutes | Finland Norway | Finnish Swedish English Norwegian (Subtitles)
It occurred to me that cave divers and astronauts are really the last true explorers in the world today. Going deep inside these caves means having to rely solely on their own skills, as no GPS or other devices can reach those depths.