A Syrian Love Story

Director: Sean McCallister
Producer: Elhum Shakerifar

The poignant story of a family torn apart by the Assad dictatorship. Filming began in Syria in 2009, prior to the “Arab Spring” – at a time, when Raghda was a political prisoner and Amer cared for their young children alone.

This intimate portrait helps us understand why people are literally dying for change in the Arab world. When Raghda is released from prison, filmmaker Sean McAllister, known for his deep involvement with his subjects, is arrested for filming and the political pressure intensifies.The family flee to France where they are given political asylum, to watch the revolution from afar, waiting for Assad to fall.

Raghda’s and Amer’s kids are no passive observers. At 4 and 14, Bob and Kaka have already spent their whole lives watching their parents go to prison for their political beliefs. Quiet, and mature, Kaka tells us how prepared he is to follow his mother and father to prison for the price of freedom.

This film will screen only in Sydney and Canberra

15+ (exemption)
2015 | 76 minutes | United Kingdom | English, Arabic, French (Subtitles)