League of Exotique Dancers

Director: Rama Rau – Festival Guest
Producer: Ed Barreveld

This is a tribute to the golden heyday of the age of Burlesque, seen through the eyes, legs and swivelling hips of some of the sassiest, sauciest characters ever to grace its stages. It features nine amazing Titans of Tease – aged between 65 and 86 – who trail blazed and wowed audiences from the late 1950’s to burlesque’s waning days in the late 1970’s. With a selection of acts guaranteed to boggle the mind, rare archival footage, and a soundtrack from the golden age of burlesque this is pure joy from start to finish.

But behind the entertainment factor, this is also a film about female empowerment and about the sexism, racism and widespread stigma faced by Burlesque striptease performers of the era. Filled with humour and stories from the front line, this ultimate backstage tour of the golden age of Burlesque is one night at the theatre you won’t want to miss.

15+ (exemption)
2016 | 90 minutes | Canada | English