Ukrainian Sheriffs

Director: Roman Bondarchuk
Producer: Dar’ya Avarchenko and Uldis Cekulis

Victor and Volodya are the two sheriffs of Stara Zburjivka, a tiny Ukrainian village near Crimea.Sunglass wearing,toothpick chewing Viktor is the brains and ex bouncer, Volodya, is the big hearted heavy.

Driving in their yellow Lada flying its own little Ukrainian flag, they travel from incident to incident – calming an angry neighbor, investigating the discovery of a body, and attempting to re-integrate Vova, the freeloader who eats other people’s dogs. But when Kiev’s Maidan Revolution strikes, a new reality hits. A new politicized air begins to blow, making new enemies of old townsfolk, and the sheriffs find they must safeguard democracy itself.The Crimean invasion is around the corner, and the Donetsk stand-off further still, allowing this charmer to capture the comedy and humble beauty of a pivotal moment in history.​

15+ (exemption)
2015 | 85 minutes | Ukraine Latvia Germany | Ukrainian (Subtitles)
Taking viewers far beyond the tumult of Maidan Square in the capital Kiev, Ukrainian Sheriffs provides a welcome and illuminating look at the specter of war — how it comes to color lives apparently far from any frontlines.