The Sex Temple

Director: Johan Palmgren
Producer: Lisa Wahlbom

An extravagant century-old theatre in Sweden faces financial ruin until Robin, its gay owner, partners up with Christian, who runs a straight swingers club. They conspire to create a sexually inclusive Nordic Moulin Rouge where all are welcome.

But as soon as the partnership gets off the ground, the usual objectors – moral outrage and sexual panic – show up in town. A media scandal erupts, threats flood in and the dream of creating a viable business around basement sex parties and queer burlesque shows starts to seem far-fetched. A subtle and tragic tale of taboo and homophobia, The Sex Temple asks whether sex and commerce make for good bedfellows, and shines a fleshlight on straight and gay sexual double standards.

18+ (exemption)
2015 | 81 minutes | Sweden | Swedish (Subtitles)