A Life Of It's Own: The Truth About Medical Marijuana

Director: Helen Kapalos
Producer: Helen Kapalos

A Life Of Its Own is based on Helen Kapalos’s personal quest to discover some medical truths about the life-giving and enhancing properties of marijuana. Her journey began after years as a senior reporter on a major commercial network and being moved by one young man’s anguish at his shame of having to resort to medical marijuana to treat his terminal illness. His story – detailed here in full – attracted the attention of government and prompted Australians to bravely speak out. The reaction was unprecedented.

This documentary takes the story further, contrasting Australia’s medical cannabis black market with Israel where the largest human trials of medicinal cannabis take place as a legal, federal program. It probes the socio, political and legal consequences of the debate and turns a scientific investigation into a compelling human narrative and a clarion call for change.

15+ (exemption)
2016 | 81 minutes | Australia | English