Mr Gaga

Director: Tomer Heymann – Festival Guest
Producer: Barak Heymann

Enter the world of Ohad Naharin, an Israeli choreographer whose performances have redefined the language of dance. Once a sought-after dancer with Martha Graham and Maurice Bejart, Naharin has spent the past 25 years pushing the boundaries of physical and political expression as the artistic director of Tel Aviv’s Batsheva Dance Company. Through rich archival footage, intimate rehearsal scenes and extensive dance sequences, director Tomer Heymann has created a portrait of a maverick still fighting for creative freedoms in his homeland. On top of his productions Naharin, still fit and limber in his mid 60s, is driven to bring the joy of his movement techniques – the language of gaga - to people of all ages and physical abilities. For years Naharin refused the Heymann brothers access until finally surrendering his boxes of archives. The result is a tour de force and a feast for the senses.

2015 | 100 minutes | Israel Sweden Netherlands Germany | Hebrew English (Subtitles)