The Road

Director: Zanbo Zhang
Producer: Richard Liang

The Road is a bird’s eye view into how business is conducted in contemporary China and... a warning to all motorists.

The action centres around the construction of a major new highway in Hunan Province. The project is being run by corrupt Party members, bad employers and local gangsters. Homes belonging to local people have been damaged by explosives, employees wanting to get paid have to resort to all sorts of tactics to get their money. Behind the scenes at the construction company, we eavesdrop on plans to deal with dissent: “If people obstruct the construction with no reason, we must strike back without mercy and arrest them if needed.” Meanwhile, a building inspector discovers that the construction of the highway is both unsound and completely illegal. Everyone is at odds – it would seem that building a highway is a little like fighting a war.

This film will screen only in Melbourne and Canberra 

15+ (exemption)
2015 | 95 minutes | China Denmark |